Important Questions

Q.What are the Features of VB.NET?
...What are the advantages of VB.NET on Other languages?
...Difference b/w VB.NET and .NET Languages?

  • It's all OOP's now. All data items are objects now. Even Integers and other primitive data types are based on system.object class
  • You can now overload properties, methods and procedures.
  • VB now supports exception handling. It uses try, catch, block to handle run time errors.
  • VB.NET now supports multithreaded applications.
  • It also supports constructors and destructors.
  • There are three new data types in VB.NET-, the char data type is an unsigned 16 bit type, the short data type is a signed 16 bit integer, finally the decimal data type is a 96 bit signed integer.
  • VB.NET is now strongly typed. This means you must declare all variables by default, and you can't assign one data type to another.
  • There are number of new compound arithmetic operations, such as +=, -= , *= , /= , \=, ^= and &= .
  • Collection has been replaced by system.collections.
  • The new bitwise operators are BitAnd , BitOr, BitNot ,and BitXor.