Online Advertisements

Advertisements that appears while consumers are surfing the web, including display ads, search-related ads, online classifieds, and other forms. As consumers spend more and more time on the internet, so many companies shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing.
These companies are developing exciting rich media ads, which includes animation, videos, sounds and interactivity.
Finally online marketers use viral marketing, the internet version of world. It involves creating a website, video, e-mail message or other marketing event that customers will pass to their friends.
Online social networks: These days almost everyone is engaged on social websites like facebook, youtube, myspace etc. So, marketers can engage in online communities by participating in communities or either creating their own.

Challenges of online marketing: Online marketing will become a successful business model for some companies such as- Amazon, ebay, snapdeal, flipkart etc.
Despite the many promises the online marketing also face some challenges like security threats- phishing, inline frauds, hacking etc.