Push and Pull Marketing

Within digital marketing and marketing as a whole, strategies can be categorized as either Push or Pull marketing techniques. The basic difference between two strategies is that how the consumer is approached by the firm.

Push Marketing

It is defined as a promotional strategy in which businesses attempt to take their products to customers-consumers are not actively seeking a product or service. In fact they are introduced to new products through active promotions such as bill boards, T.V. advertisements etc.
The term "Push" means that the marketers are attempting to push their products at consumers.
Examples of Push marketing strategies are:
1. Traditional approach
    1. Face to Face sales, for example in a showroom
    2. Trade show promotion
    3. Attractive packages
2. Digital marketing
    1. Display advertisements
    2. Cold E-mails

Pull Marketing

In this approach consumers will actively seek out a brand for its products or services because they are already aware of its reputation.
In terms of marketing, the aim is to establish a brand that linked with customer satisfaction. In digital marketing the consumers will be attract by effective SEO(Search Engine Optimization), blogs, content marketing, social media campaigns etc.
1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Companies will attempt to promote their websites as high as possible.
2. PPC (Pay per Click): Company will pay the publisher for each click their company's website receives.
3. Social Media: It involves promoting your product to potential consumers via websites such as facebook or twitter.

Multi-Channel Marketing

A start-up company cannot rely/depend on pull marketing to bring in customers as product awareness will not be so high. Initially push marketing must be implemented in order to set the company brand.