Disadvantages of E-Commerce

The disadvantages of e-commerce can be broadly classified into two major categories-

  • Technical disadvantages
  • Non-Technical disadvantages

Technical Disadvantages
  • There can be lack of system security, reliability or standards owing to poor implementation of e-commerce.
  • The software development industry is still evolving and keeps changing rapidly.
  • In many countries, network bandwidth might cause an issue.
  • There could be software/hardware compatibility issues, as some e-commerce software may be incompatible with some operating system or any other component.

Non-Technical Disadvantages
  • Initial cost - The cost of creating/building an e-commerce application in-house may be very high. There could be delays in launching an e-Commerce application due to mistakes, and lack of experience.
  • User resistance - Users may not trust the site being an unknown faceless seller. Such mistrust makes it difficult to convince traditional users to switch from physical stores to online/virtual stores.
  • Security/ Privacy - It is difficult to ensure the security or privacy on online transactions.
  • Lack of touch or feel of products during online shopping is a drawback.