Checkbox in Html

This is used for selecting multiple items in group.
The input checkbox object represents an HTML input element with type="checkbox".
If you use the checkbox without label tag, you can select it by exactly clicking on the square.
If you use it with a label tag you can select it by clicking on the label.


<!DOCTYPE html>

<!--You should click the checkbox, if you click on the 'Car'---->
Simple Checkbox</br>
<input type="checkbox" name="vehicle">Car
<input type="checkbox" name="vehicle">Bullet
<input type="checkbox" name="vehicle">Scooty

<!--You can click on the label also---->
</br> Checkbox with label</br>
<input type="checkbox" name="vehicles">Car

<input type="checkbox" name="vehicles">Bullet
<input type="checkbox" name="vehicles">Scooty

Output of this code will look like this: