Important Questions

Q. Explain Initial investigation?

Initial Investigation

  • This is the first phase of SDLC and is known as identification of need.
  • This is a user's request to change, improve or enhance an existing system.
  • The objective is to determine whether the request is valid or feasible
  • The user request identifies the need for change and authorizes the initial investigation.

User's Request Form

  • User assigned title of work requested.
  • Nature of work requested (problem definition)
  • Date request was submitted
  • Date job should be completed
  • Purpose of job requested
  • Expected benefits
  • Input/ Output description
  • Requester's signature title, department, and phone number.
  • Signature, title and department of person approving the request.

Needs Identification

  • The success of a system depends largely on how accurately a problem is defined, thoroughly investigated and properly carried out through the choice of solution.
  • It is concerned with what the user needs rather than what he/she wants.